What is Mobos?

Manage your customers with ease

Clients can be added on the fly while creating new service record or choosen from existing clients list or even added separaately from service records through clients module. You can add all basic details about the client (name, address, contacts, email, website, company, ID card and others...).

Client details can be also updated later. More details about clients module can be found here.

Services and service records

You can add multiple services (LCD change, Cleaning, Unlock, Signal reception problem, Change housing, Add new language, Software update, etc...). Later, while creating new service record, you can choose service from the list.

Service record can be added fast. You can choose existing client or add new client on the fly, insert IMEI and confirm brand and model without inserting them separately, choose service from the list, optionaly provide spare phone to client... Service report can be printed in two different ways. More can be read here.


MOBOS is available in multiple languages and can be easily translated. You can also update/change existing phrases. Click to find supported languages.

MOBOS is FREE and you can contribute translation. Community forum is the place for translations and languages discussion.

MOBOS provides even more features...

You can check if phone is submited to global stolen and lost mobile phones database.

Simple work statistic is available and we will listen to users and add even more reporting options.

Toolbox credential module is available for saving your login credentials for different support pages, flash files...

Check all features here.