Barcode support


Picture: Service report with barcode

When taking phone for service all sorts of methods were used to tag the phone like writing on small pieces of paper that were sticked to the device and many others similar to this one. All these methods were unreliable and leading to losing important information about a client. Nowadays, we have a new and efficient method called barcode. Barcode is the identification of a product with series of black and white stripes that are read by special scanners. MOBOS uses barcodes in printed reports about service records when taking a new phone to service which contains all the necessary data.

Record barcode


Picture: Barcode record example (zoom)

Scanning barcode on reports is a fast and simple way to get information about specific service record (a client, device being serviced, job done on the device, cost of the service etc). This way we ensured that important and necessary data is quickly available.