Client management

MOBOS Client management

Picture: Client management (add, edit or delete clients)

MOBOS allows you to save information about your clients. The advantage in saving these pieces of information is the possibility of checking such information as clients' phone number, email address, postal address at any time needed. Also if a client returns to you, you would already have all the necessary info about him and you would not need to waste your and your client's time in getting that information again. You can check the list of saved clients by clicking which is right below Clients icon. The list of clients containing all the information about them will appear. Besides add option, MOBOS allows editing and deleting existing contacts.

New client

MOBOS add new client

Picture: Add new client

New contact may be added at any moment. One of the options is through wide range of tools MOBOS possesses. This is performed as described below:
1. Click on the icon which is located below the Clients icon
2. Fill in the required fields with corresponding data
3. click on the icon.
Clients are edited or deleted by clicking icon, located below Clients. This will open the list of saved clients from which we choose the client we want to edit or delete. Depending on whether we want to edit or delete a client, we choose the appropriate option, for deleting or for editing. After the desired action is performed click to save all the changes.

New client on the fly

MOBOS Add new client on the fly

Picture: Add new client on the fly (while creating work order)

Besides adding clients via described tools, MOBOS allows us to add clients while creating work order. This proves to be very usefull especially if you want to add new client who is not in the MOBOS database or Clients list while creating new account. This option has been enabled for the exact purpose of avoiding unnecessary closing of the opened account and later adding of a new client. This means that we are able to add a new client while creating an account and connect him with the same. Adding new client through an account is performed by clicking "Add client". This will open window where we fill in important information about our client and save it afterwards. Clients saved on either of these two ways are put in the same group in our database and are easilly accessed in the same way later.