MOBOS is FREE GSM repair management tool and was developed to simplify and fasten your business process.

GSM repair center tool

Picture: MOBOS dashboard - main screen

Mobos is a free program designed for mobile repair centers. If you'd like to speed up and simplify the work in the service, the best choice is MOBOS. The variety of options integrated in one program, will make your life easier. Until now you may have used and printed all sorts of paper that were used as work orders, as well as many little pieces of paper that had your client's phone number written on, you probably had no insight into the status of the device the client trusted you with or you might have used way too complicated programs that required purchase of the license. All this is over now as we have created a program that solves these and many other problems and absolutely deserves to be tried out. With just a few clicks fill in and print your work orders, read reminders, search for your clients' phone numbers, find out whether you have available replacement phones, have the insight into the status of the device being serviced at any time in case your client desires to know whether the device has been serviced or not, and most importantly it is all for free. MOBOS doesn't require for its users to have high expertise in the field of use of the program, nor it requires special configuration of your computer including operative system, it is designed for everyone. Our support is availabe 24/7 to provide fast and high-quality help in case of any problems or questions. There is no need for you to wait any longer or have any doubts at all, try it right now by clicking MOBOS-DOWNLOAD.