Phone images (need to download; download button in menu)

Mulitple users with different roles

Picture: Phone image shows while creating new service record

When taking the device to service, by entering the IMEI number of the device and clicking on 'Find a model', MOBOS will recognize instantly the device being serviced and in the main window next to the brand and model name the device picture will appear. The advantage of recognition of which device is brought in is that it facilitates and enables rapid visual recognition and authentication of the model in the case of serving multiple clients. In order for MOBOS to display pictures of devices that are introduced into the database, you need to download images. Downloading images is done by clicking on the Application option in the line menu, then, in the drop menu select "Download device images" option.

How to download a picture phone

Mulitple users with different roles

Picture: Downloading pictures package from menu

Mulitple users with different roles

Picture: Downloading pictures package progress and integrating to MOBOS

After clicking on "Download device images" from the "Application" drop menu, MOBOS will download and save model pictures. After we have downloaded pictures, MOBOS will display the picture of each device after its IMEI number is being entered.

Attention! Pictures package is bigger then 7MB and it takes few minutes to download and check existing records in database and insert new records to database.