Translate MOBOS into your language easily

MOBOS translation

Picture: Add new language

MOBOS allows you to choose from a variety of languages. In case MOBOS doesn't support the language you use, we have enabled a very simple translation that will make it accessible to every user no matter what part of the world he comes from. If you decide to translate MOBOS to a certain language you will require knowledge of English, and the sole process of translation is quite simple. Also there is a possibility of you sending us your translation so it could be embedded into MOBOS. The translation can be sent by clicking Application -> Send language file to support. For the purpose of translation we have prepared a list of words called key words that are written in English and you can translate them into your language. Adding a new language and dowloading key words is possible by clicking Application -> Add language. You can translate words in your favourite text editor. It is expected of you to perform precise translation in order to be certified by our tech support which will enable your language in the following versions of our program.

Import language

MOBOS import language

Picture: Import new language from your computer

MOBOS allows uploading already existing translation contained in zip file somewhere on your computer. Translations for your MOBOS can be downloaded by clicking Translate - Download. If the required translation exists in the download list you should do the following:
1. Download the translation contained in the zip file and save it on your computer
2. In MOBOS click on Application -> Import language from zip file, after that search for the file you saved in step 1
3. Open the file by clicking Open and then confirm it by clicking OK
If you followed all the steps as described, in the language menu, language you wanted to import should appear.

Language files

To save the file, right-click on language and click Save link as

Important while saving translation

MOBOS saving translation

Picture: How to save language translation file with UTF-8

It is very important to save language file in UTF-8 character set. We are using FREE text editor Notepad++