Personal notes

Notes in MOBOS

Picture: Notes on the right side on the picture

Notes are important for writing remarks, tasks we need to perform etc. Some people have an excellent memory but, regardless, it's good to have the notes because it is impossible to remember everything so there is a great possibility to overlook some important tasks that may be of great importance. In case that the notes are written on numerous pieces of paper and that there are numerous notes, there is a great possibility you overlook something in that pile of papers. MOBOS contains a special section for notes and it is located in the main window on the right. In this way all the important notes are organized and what is most important are easily accessible. The servicer has a clear overview of all tasks and duties that must be done.

New notes

Adding new note to MOBOS

Picture: Adding new note to MOBOS

Adding notes is done by choosing the "Notes" tab in the main window, then, clicking on the icon will open a Notes window, afterwards it is necessary to fill in the corresponding fields and click . In addition to adding new notes we can edit the existing ones by clicking . If we want to delete notes we click .