Brand logos

Mulitple users with different roles

Picture: Brand logo list

A logo is a graphic seal or emblem that is usually used by companies or individuals that want to achieve instant recognition by others. MOBOS team made effort to gather all the logos of the mobile phone manufacturers and integrate them into MOBOS software function for easier identification of various devices that are daily brought in for service. If the user spots the lack of a logo of a brand, MOBOS made sure that the user can add the desired logo.

Brand logo in a new record

Mulitple users with different roles

Picture: Brand logo while creating new service record

When taking the device to service, by entering the IMEI number of the device and clicking on "Find model" MOBOS recognizes instantly what type of device it is and displays its logo. The advantage of recognizing the logo of the device, when entering its data, is that it facilitates and enables rapid visual identification and authentication of the model.