Service records management

MOBOS Service records management

Picture: Dashboard - work orders - records

Main feature of MOBOS is ability to create and manage service records in a fast and simple manner. Due to accounts in MOBOS, work in mobile phone services is easily performed. MOBOS account is designed to fulfill all the needs of a user because it contains all the information needed, including short description of a device being serviced, price, status and many others among which are picture and logotype of the device which are shown after IMEI number is entered. MOBOS allows editing of the accounts in case some mistake happens or device status changes. Also, there is a possibility of printing report about it. Device status in the account is particularly important as it provides insight into whether the phone has been fixed or not so the account can be closed successfully. All opened accounts are listed on the MOBOS homepage marked with different colors so they can be spotted easier and therefore managed more efficiently. If there is large number of accounts additional filters exist through which account search becomes easier and faster. Account search can be performed by typing key words, date of entry, device status or process being performed on the device.

How to add new record?

MOBOS Add new record

Picture: Add new record

Creating new service record in MOBOS is done as described below:
1. Click icon which is located below Record
2. Fill in the blanks
3. Save the entry by clicking or click to save and print account at the same time.
In the window opened in the step 2 while creating new service record there are fields that need to be fulfilled with device information such as IMEI number, client name, device status etc. and model picture as well as logotype brand are obtained from the IMEI number. In the account there are two fields for IMEI entries, one is related to the IMEI number from the exterior of the phone (below the battery) and the second one is related to the IMEI number we get on display from typing *#06#. We can add clients to the account from the list of already saved clients or add a new one simply by clicking Add client. Short description of the work needed to be performed on the phone, device status and substitute phone if approved are also added to the account. This data is contained in the drop menu of the "create account" window under the Service pad. Important information such as presence of SIM card, memory card, charger or battery is also added to the account. Moreover, information about cost, date, device functionality, warranty, complaints and payment can be added to the account.

Print record

MOBOS Print record

Picture: Printing records

MOBOS provides two possibilities for account print. First through main window by selecting the desired account and clicking which is below Record. New window will appear for print preview where we can check whether all the data entered is correct and ready to be printed. If all is correct we click the icon Print report. The second way of printing is possible right after creating new account. After all the information is being entered instead of saving account we click which not only saves the account but initializes printing. Printed report contains all the necessary data about our client and the device being serviced in a neat and organized manner.