Service Status management

While creating new service record in MOBOS you are also allowed to choose current device status. MOBOS contains basic options from which you can pick one. Those are: received, ongoing service, pending service, service finished and closed. To check available statuses or edit and delete the same ones click which is located below "Statuses". This will open a window that contains list of statuses present at the moment with their descriptions. In order to identify statuses quicker and to reduce the chance of a mistake to minimum every status can be colored differently.

MOBOS service status management

Picture: Service status management

Add new status

MOBOS add new status

Picture: How to add new service status

New status can be added in one of two ways. The first one is to click on MOBOS dashboard which is located below "Statuses". This will open a new window which contains blank fields for entering information like status name, status description, status color and whether the status closes the account or not. After filling in this information we click to save the information. The second way to add a new status is by clicking on MOBOS dashboard. After that we click which will open a new window for data entry. No matter which way is chosen, the information will be located in the same place and will be available when creating new records.